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Private nature reserve, Tented camp and campsite

Nestled in the breathtaking landscape of the briar savannah and framed by majestic mountain ranges, Camp Gecko - private nature reserve, tented camp and campsite, is situated directly below the spectacular Spreetshoogte Pass, not far from the settlement of Solitaire, with ideal connections on your way between several tourist and cultural highlights of Namibia.

Whether your route takes you from Windhoek to Sossusvlei, from Sossusvlei to Swakopmund or the other way round, Camp Gecko is on your way and worth a visit not only for an overnight stay. In addition to activities such as hiking on the 6,000 hectare Camp Gecko private nature reserve, excursions to the Namib Naukluft National Park as well as the Naukluft Mountain Zebra Park including the Naukluft Olive Trail can be undertaken with relatively short driving distances.

Our individually designed, diverse accommodation is ideal for letting go, immersing yourself completely in the wild, romantic atmosphere of Africa and relaxing undisturbed by the hustle and bustle and distractions of "modernity". In addition to our tented camp "safari" tents, some of which are double storeyed, all our campsites also offer a fantastic view over the vast plains of the savannah and waterholes, where with a little luck various wild animals can be observed. All our accommodation has private sanitary facilities and a private barbecue area. In addition, all our tented camp tents are equipped with beds, linen and towels.

At Camp Gecko we have successfully set ourselves the goal of offering our guests affordable accommodation, while at the same time ensuring a unique stay. Camp Gecko - private nature reserve tented camp and campsite is the perfect place to experience the "feeling of Africa". The extensive grounds and relatively scattered facilities allow all our guests to have their own personal, exclusive experience.

The wide views over the plains and the surrounding mountain ranges, unparalleled sunrises and sunsets, the fantastic starry skies, peace and quiet, and much more make a stay at Camp Gecko something very special.

In addition to our accommodation, our guests can use other various facilities. At our main buildings you will find the reception and a small shop where you can buy various drinks and firewood. There is also the possibility to rent cooling batteries or to use our cooling units.

Here you can also use the free wifi and relax in the sun loungers, and our man-made but natural fish pond invites you to take a refreshing, chemical-free swim.

We are happy to prepare our popular 3-course barbecue packages for you - by advance order only. Our barbecue packages are prepared fresh and almost ready to eat for you. All you have to do is build a fire, grill the meat and enjoy a wonderful meal in the idyllic privacy of your tented camp or campsite.

We also offer a rich breakfast, which can also be booked spontaneously upon arrival. Breakfast is served in our Lapa, which is situated on a hill and offers a fantastic panoramic view of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

More information about our meals can be found here.

Camp Gecko - eco Camp

At Camp Gecko we produce all the electricity we need ourselves. For this purpose, at the end of 2019, we put our own photovoltaic system into operation, with the latest components and state of the art technology, which provides 100% of the required energy. This system supplies all electrical consumers in the main buildings, which have also been selected to optimise consumption.

Our tented camp and campsites are not connected to the electricity supply.

Our drinking water also comes directly from our own boreholes, which are mainly filled from the rainfall on the plateau and are also powered by solar energy. On the way down to our valley, the rainwater makes its way through a mountain massif where it is filtered and enriched with minerals before being collected by water veins in a natural underground cavern.

We are very fortunate at Camp Gecko, in an otherwise very dry region, to have generous underground crystal clear water reserves. Because of the good water supply and the excellent water quality, it is a logical step for us to grow our own vegetables according to the principles of permaculture and reduce long delivery distances. For this, we have the great privilege to benefit from the cooperation, advice and exchange of experience of and with experts to realise this ambitious project.

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