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Hide-Away Tent

Our two-storey Hide Aways are something very special and perhaps unique in Namibia.

While the lower floor invites you to linger with various seating areas inside and outside, the sleeping area incl. viewing platform is on the upper floor. The elevated position allows for an even better view of the surrounding landscape and the waterhole. Thanks to the generous division over two floors, these tents offer plenty of space and relaxation options. For a more pleasant climate, our Hide Aways are additionally shaded and have no closed walls on the bottom floor to provide air circulation and cooling.

These tents offer the same view as all the other tents, a terrace with seating, a balcony with seating and further seating inside. A cupboard, two single beds, en-suite (open air) ablutions and Grill site.

All our tented camp tents are equipped with beds, linen and towels.

Our tents are not equipped self-catering accommodation.

N$ 560 p.P/night - these tents are designed for two guests.

  • We can not provide electricity at the safari tents and campsites.
  • There are no additional cooking facilities, kettles, cooking utensils or crockery, these items must be brought along if required.
  • We are happy to provide you with cooling batteries from our freezer and a cooler box.
  • If required, you can leave your electrical appliances in the farmhouse to recharge.

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